One Stop Service Center Officially Launched, Providing Easier Service to Investors

The President of The Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Joko Widodo (Jokowi), officially launched the One Stop Service (OSS) Center at BKPM Office today (26/1). The starting point of the process of formation of OSS Center is the result of President Jokowi’s instruction, when visiting BKPM on October 28, 2014. President instructed that investors who are applying for licenses, should no longer need to visit various ministries / government agencies, simply come to the OSS Center in BKPM. After receiving President’s instruction, 21 Ministies / Government Agencies delegated to BKPM the authority to issue each business licenses and placed their officials at the OSS Center.

The Chairman of BKPM, Franky Sibarani, in his report, stated that BKPM along with ministries/government agencies are ready to serve all area of business licensing. “Investors will no longer need to go around Jakarta and visit various ministries/government agencies,” said Franky.

He also said that in order to support transparency in OSS Center, BKPM has built an online monitoring service, which can be used by investors to monitor progress of their business license application and to make sure that the deadline completion is in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that have been set. “Online Monitoring can also be used by the President to monitor existing licensing services, and the minister can also directly monitor the performance of their representative in the OSS Center,” said Franky.

Meanwhile, to facilitate investors in obtaining information and filing for complaints, BKPM also provides contact center by phone at 0807-100-2576 (BKPM), which can be contacted by investors for 24 hours/7 days.

At the end of the report, Franky Sibarani emphasize the inauguration of OSS Center by President Jokowi as the beginning of improvement in investment licensing, which is in accordance with the vision and mission of the President and Vice President. He said there are two things that will be the focus of further improvement : First, OSS Center will accelerate the time of licensing services continuously, simplification of the licensing process and assessment to unify licenses which are considered the same. Second, integration of OSS Center and OSS in each region , including applying the same standard in service. “Therefore, investors can simply come to three places to take care of their investment license, the OSS Center, OSS Province and OSS Regency/City according to the proposed licensing,” added Franky.

Licensing integration at the OSS Center is expected to be a “milestone” for the development of Indonesia because it can’t be denied that investment drives the national economy. Moreover, President Jokowi expects that OSS Center provide a good example that public service is easy and uncomplicated, because OSS Center’s main purpose is not solely to attract investment, but also the Government’s commitment to the improvement of public services through bureaucratic reform.


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