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SMART Legal Consulting is an Indonesian Corporate Legal Firm (SMART) which provides one-stop legal solution for everyone who run business in Indonesia. Consisting of professionals, SMART focuses on providing effective and the best solutions and being your full time partner for the development and sustainability of your business.

SMART is offering a wide range of services to domestic and international clients interested in business development in Indonesia with minimal ease of effort. Further, SMART will give you all the benefits in partnership and proper goals in supporting your business activities.

That is why SMART would like to present ourself as your partner in dealing with corporate legal services to help you with efficient and resources, especially with more affordable budget. And at SMART, we form long-term relationships with our clients by effectively counseling our clients in all aspects of their legal service needs.


Focusing on Your Main Job

Cost efficiency is the most common reason to do outsourcing. However, the world influence nowadays are more focused on the value-added activities for company optimization.

  1. Outsource your life

    Through delegation, a company may achieve all the targets as planned. Through delegation, the company will achieve effectiveness in personal performance and efficiency in both time and cost. Delegation is often ignored because it is believed to be time and energy consuming, and they also believed they were independent to do anything. In fact, effective delegation is the best approach to achieve company’s goals.

  2. Right Person For The Right Job

    SMART is an effective and efficient solution in terms of delegating administration of (stewardship delegation) legal proceedings. It is Effective because the process is handled by people who are competent and understand the legal field. It is Efficient because it saves company time.


SMART fully understands the company’s needs in terms of the legal process delegation. The company needs a delegation partner who focused on outcomes and have a good accountability. A delegation partner needed by our client is someone who understands the field conditions, understand the business, trustworthy and certainly efficient in terms of cost. The company also needs appointed partner that has a competent resource in law field. The company needs a support in legal opinion.

SMART guarantees the quality of smart legal process execution by upholding the price efficiency. We believe that high quality related to high value. However, low value doesn’t mean low quality.

SMART advise multinational companies on public/private enterprises and help emerging companies grow. From critical regulatory and compliance matters to deals, transactions, and litigation, we’re prepared to do what it takes to defend and protect our clients’ interests in Indonesia, including but not limited providing legal services such as Corporate Secretarial Services, Company Formation, Business Licenses, Expatriate Work Permit, Legal Due Diligence and Litigation Support.

In carrying out its work, SMART approach to the quality principle of SMART (SpecificMeasurableAttainableRelevant, and Time bound basis).

Specific         : SMART has the specific expertise to complete the given assignments.

Measurable : Directs SMART to measure success in achieving targets.

Attainable    : SMART is realistic, but will not impose an unreachable matter to achieve.

Relevant       : SMART sets the appropriate target to be pursued.

Time              : SMART committed to achieve targets that have been agreed upon deadlines.

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