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Indonesia Ready For More Foreign Investors

Continuing the previous economic policy package, Indonesian Government has announced its latest effort to draw more investment to South Asia’s largest economy by opening dozens of business sectors in Indonesia to full and partial foreign ownership through  Economic Policy Package X (Paket Kebijakan Ekonomi Jilid X).  As per press release dated February 11, 2016 from…

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Attention! The New Business Sectors Classification Has Been Issued

The most essential thing when planning to establish your business in Indonesia is to determine the business sector to enter, and which business activities you want to do. The investment license system makes it so that the investors, especially foreign investors, are required to be very specific on what they want to do when they…

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How To Avoid Legal Problems When Establishing Your Startups In Indonesia ?

Step To Avoid Legal Problems When Establishing Your Startups In Indonesia Navigating the murky business culture in Indonesia can look daunting, especially for emerging startups used to well-developed infrastructure and unobstructive bureaucrats. The recent ban controversy on ride-sharing startups and the looming e-commerce regulations are just several issues that comes with the challenge to establish your…

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10 Things Startups Should Know Before Entering Indonesia

SMART Legal Consulting

Entrepreneurs grinding it out in Jakarta are unlikely to tell you Indonesia is an easy market to win. On the surface, the world’s largest archipelago is attractive to foreign founders. And why not? Indonesia has a lot of problems to be solved, with greenfield opportunities that tend to encompass several links on a given value…

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Smart Way To Start Your Business In Lombok

As one of the most popular vacation spots in Indonesia, Lombok is known amongs the international community for the incredible beauty of its nature and the warm hospitality of its people. Therefore, it is of no surprise that the tourism sector is the fastest developing sector in Lombok, which in turn causes what we call…

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How To Invest In Indonesia

Foreign Direct Investment (“FDI”) is defined as any investing activity for running business within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, made by any foreign investor using either foreign capital entirely or joint capital with domestic capital. Right now, FDI in Indonesia is regulated by Law No. 25 of 2007 concerning Investment, including the scope…

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