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TDP or Tanda Daftar Perusahaan(Company Registration Certificate) is a mandatory legal document signifying the official registration of a Company (PT) that has been established in Indonesia. Learn more regarding the obligation to register your PT The obligation for limited liability companies established in Indonesia (Perseroan Terbatas or “PT”) to obtain the Company Registration Certificate (Tanda…

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4 Things IT Consultant Should Know on Setting Up IT Consulting Company In Indonesia

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The continuous digitalization of the professional world forces companies and firms to optimize their IT system in order to improve their daily operational activities, and also to increase their productivity. The massive demand for IT professionals in order to support the digitalization of these professionals in Indonesia opens up a huge opportunity for IT consultants…

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Establishing a Local PT (Perseroan Terbatas)

pt local

WHAT IS LOCAL PT? Local PT (Perseroan Terbatas) is a limited liabiity company established under the laws of Indonesia. In a Local PT, only Indonesian citizens and Indonesian legal entities are allowed to hold shares directly as registered shareholders.  WHO CAN ESTABLISH LOCAL PT? Minimum 2 (two) or more Indonesian individuals and Indonesian legal entities.…

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Establishing a PT PMA (Foreign Direct Investment Company)

pt pma

WHAT IS PT PMA? PT PMA (Perseroan Terbatas Penanaman Modal Asing) is a limited liability company established under the laws of Indonesia. In a PT PMA, Foreigners in the form of individuals and legal entities can be registered as shareholders. However some business activities requires Indonesian Citizens or legal entities to hold shares alongside Foreigners.…

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