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Expand Your Construction Businesss To These 9 Selected Industrial Regions

If you are running construction business and have a plan to expand it, this update will be a good for you because in 22 February 2016 BKPM will launch a program named “KLIK Programme” (Investment Simplification for Construction Business-Kemudahan Investasi Langsung Konstruksi).

As its name, KLIK is designed to facilitate investors in construction business to start their business shortly. This means, after the investor obtains Investment License or Principle License [LS1] , they may directly build construction without need to wait the completion of preliminary licenses related to construction such as Building Construction Permit (Izin Mendirikan Bangunan, known as IMB), Environmental Documents and other regional-level permits [A2] which often take a long time. Further, those permits is still required, however those can be arranged along with the construction phase.

Further, in its initial launch, KLIK programme will be applied in 9 (nine) industrial regions at 4 (four) provinces in Indonesia which already reformed their regional regulations. The 9 industrial areas  are reflected on the following table:


Further, if KLIK Programme at those regions is running successfully, BKPM will expand KLIK Programme implementation to other provinces in Indonesia



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