Probably, these are common queries from an entrepreneur who will start a new business: What are the required documents to register the Company? What are mandatory documents needed to be fulfilled? What documents should be obtained in regards to establish a company?

Before we describe what the documents needed, hereby we inform you the following documents which will be received when you establishing a Foreign Investment Company (FDI) in Indonesia:

  1. Principle License (Izin Prinsip);
  2. Deed of Establishment and Approval from Minister;
  3. Domicile Letter (SKDP);
  4. Taxpayer Registration Number (NPWP) and Registration Letter (SKT);
  5. Company Registration Letter (TDP).

Basically, these 2 (two) following required documents to establish a company:

  1. Identity Card of Founders and Shareholders
  2. At least there are 2 (two) Shareholders to establish a Company.
    For the beginning, the Identity of Shareholders is a mandatory document to be fulfilled. Please be informed, the Shareholders can be an Individual or Legal Entity, either Indonesian or Foreign. The Identity Card such as:

    1. Indonesian Individual    : KTP (Kartu Tanda Penduduk)
    2. Foreign Individual         : Passport
    3. Indonesian Entity          : Deed of Establishment and Approval from Minister
    4. Foreign Entity               : Memorandum and Articles of Association
  3. Taxpayer Registration Number
  4. Taxpayer Registration Number or we called NPWP is also the documents needed to establish a company, but this only for Indonesian Individual or Indonesian Entity.
    By having the documents above-mentioned, the Entrepreneurs can obtain the Principle License, Notarial Deed of Establishment and Approval from Minister.
    Please be noted, to obtain other documents regarding company establishment, not only documents above-mentioned, but also any other supporting documents are required too, such as follows:

    1. Application Form;
    2. Power of Attorney;
    3. Office Lease Agreement;
    4. Latest Payment of Tax and Building Tax;
    5. Office Photograph.

To ensure a smooth investment and business operation from the legal perspective, but also still focus on maintaining your business in Indonesia and reach your revenue target, it is advised for you to find capable and trusted lawyers or legal consultants for advice and assistance in ensuring your legal compliance with prevailing laws and regulations.

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