Doing Business in Indonesia


Before deciding to invest in a place, you might be consider several things, such as how the business opportunity, locations that can be achieved if you finally decide to invest there. In Indonesia, there are actually many business opportunities that you can find, such as business opportunities in infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, energy, digital industry…

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Be Aware of Terminate Your Staff!


Termination of employment unilaterally have a very serious excess for either the laid off or the laid-off workers. Employers who are not aligned or dissatisfied with the work of their workers sometimes laid off without explaining the background of the decision taken. In fact, the government has regulated the termination of this working relationship in…

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Plus Minus Fintech Business


It is undeniable if digital technology in the financial sector or financial technology (fintech) is growing very rapidly in Indonesia. It is because fintech provides convenience and comfort in transaction. Just imagine, you who are in need of money loans do not need to bother coming to a conventional financial institution. You simply be in…

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Knowing This Before Established Your PMA Company


Building a new company or business in every kind of chance is probably not an easy job to do. We usually taking news or having heard an issue like that. But, it does not have to be like this, especially if we track it into further. Firstly, we need to clear and know for sure…

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Here’s How to Calculate Your Employee Holiday Religion Allowance!


For those of you owners of companies that have employees or who work in the HR department would have been familiar with the term holiday religion allowance (tunjangan hari raya, THR) paid to employees at the approaching celebration of the holiday. There are several provisions of Regulation of the Minister of Manpower No. 6 of…

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Technological advances require life in the present to be faster and more practical. Various applications are created as technologies that replace various human activities. Several years, financial technology (fintech) application has developed very rapidly. Fintech puts technology as the foundation of business in finance. But most of thepeoplesdo not pay attention to the history of its development. We can learn from…

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