Kertajati Airport Mutual Fund: Indonesia’s New Investment Option

This year PT Danareksa Investment Management (DIM) will launched diversified investment products. One that will be launched is the RDPT of West Java International Airport (Bandara Internasional Jawa Barat/BIJB) in Kertajati, Majalengka.

President Director of Danareksa Investment Mangement, Marsangap P Tamba said RDPT Dirgantara I, which will be launched will be Rp 450 billion with the tenor of 5 year. "We expect to launch soon" he said at BEI Building.

Except of the RDPT airport, DIM will also launch RDPT for other infrastructure projects. The total target of fund that managed from the 2 RDPT this year is around Rp 1 trillion. Not only that, the company will also launch several mutual fund products that will be traded or Exchange Trade Fund (ETF). Like today DIM has launched Danareksa ETF Indonesia Top 40 which contains the best of 40 shares that the most liquid and big capitalization, with target of Rp 1 trillion.

"We will launch 1 again, (and then) we will see the public interest for this product, because besides the liquid subject, we will search other one. We may need to explore stocks with medium or smaller capitalization, but we still concern with the liquidity," he said.

This year DIM is targeting to get 10 investment products from various types, and manage of Rp 35 trillion. "Currently it has been (managed) of Rp 32 trillion. For the year to date during 4 months we have grown to 23%," he concluded.

Source: Bisnis Indonesia

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