Indonesian Manufacture Industry Still Expanding Positively

Investment, Key To Reduce Unemployment Rate

Indonesian Government will continue to pay attention to the conducive investment condition in order to increase the providing of job vacancy. Indonesia needs investment because it cannot rely on the state budget in the development and providing job vacancy. "The increasing of the amount of investment along with the increased number of business starts in indonesia every year, bringing the impact of providing job vacancy and lower the unemployment rate," said Minister of Manpower Hanif Dhakiri.

In the World Economic Forum (WEF) Indonesia’s competitiveness is ranked on 36th out of 137 countries worldwide. The ranking has risen five places from the previous position on the position of 41th. The causes of Indonesia’s increasing competitiveness and investment is the development of infrastructure in a lot of regions, the development of human resource through the investment of education and health, to improve the living standards or community welfare.

The report of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) noted that the total investment in Indonesia in 2014 had reached Rp 463.1 trillion. Meanwhile until the end of 2017 the investment had reachedRp 692.9 trillion. "It means it is increase of Rp 229.8 trillion," said Hanif.

Provides Financing to Boost Business

Meanwhile Small and Medium Enterprises Association of Indonesia (Akumindo) started to offer unsecured loan for capital of business. The bank’s interest rate for KUR is relatively low which is 7 percent. But it is not exactly known yet the amount of initial loan fund that every businessmen can do this year.

Every MSME member could ask the loan with requirement that one of the business owned by applicant must be clear and have already been running for at least six months. Related to the source of business capital loan for MSME business distributed through the appointed bank, the source is coming from the budget of the Association of Microfinance in Jakarta.

Furthermore, Akumindo will also provide guidance and training for its members who are recruited from the MSME businessmen. Every businessman will be selected with focus on MSME based on skill, diligent and agricultural sector.

Source: Antara

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