The Increase of Gold Investment Fintech

Many people want to invest in gold, but they doubt with risks, especially the secure and unpractical. After buying gold, they will have some problems, such as where the gold will be safely keep. Not to mention the response of many people about their gold investment, which it is considered a too over although the price is very low compared to other investments, especially property.

Responding to the public obstacles about the gold investment, recently a digital application-based sharia that operate in the selling and buying (trading) of gold, Tamasia, was launched the latest feature called Gold Transfer and Gold Free during Ramadhan. The two features have been launched to celebrate the first anniversary of the application.

CEO & CO-Founder Tamasia Muhammad Assad said that the two features were launched exactly just one year after Tamasia’s gold trading application was presented to Indonesian society. This application is also a pioneer of sharia gold trading application, and until now it is still the only one application based on that field in our country.

Even welcoming Eid Mubarak, The service of gold transfer was also be provided for customers to send holiday allowance (THR) to family, relatives, workers and friends. "This is a modern way to pay holiday allowance," Assad said.

Gold is Not Harmful
For those who still doubt to invest in gold, The jewelry expert investment said that that kind of investment is very profitable and more advantages compared to other investments. According to jewelry experts, there are 5 advantages in gold investment, which are;

1. Does not a lot of money
Actually gold investment does not need a lot of money, and does not be worry about the minimal amount of investment. This is contrary to the assumption of society that said the gold owner is rich people.

2. Very practical
Gold investment can be very practical because it has several advantages, such as easy to sell, tax free, Has various forms, and can be used as accessories. If the investors want to keep the gold safely, they can save it in the deposit box.

3. Can ward the inflation off
Sometimes our country has a high inflation rate. Gold has the ability to ward the inflation off. The value and price of gold will increase when the inflation happens because the big shareholders tend to sell their shares and move to gold.

4. Flexible
The perfect time to buy gold is very flexible, and the price tends to always be affordable. For young people who are already working and confused to choose the most appropriate investment, they can choose the gold first, before increase to a larger investment, such as property and others.

5. Significantly Benefit
The profit of gold investment from year to year will always increase and it never change until now.

Excellent Hybrid Investment
Back to Tamasia’s gold trading application, Muhammad Assad as CEO and Co-founder of the application is like to agree with the above jewelry experts statement said that gold is a safe investment instrument. He explained, because the price of gold has never gone down and its value will continue to rise. Especially with the application of Tamasia that combines of gold investment and internet technology-based on application, so it becomes a hybrid investment that has an advantage for investors.

He also explained that the newly launched Free Gold feature can be obtained by all Tamasia customers by giving a referral code to anyone who wants to download the Tamasia application. After the application is downloaded on the recommendation of the person who provided the referral code, the person will get free gold directly sent into the application.

In just over a year, Tamasia’s digital gold trading application has more than 50 thousand subscribers and 10 thousand resellers across Indonesia. Assad assured that the advantage of buying gold in Tamasia is cheap, easy and has a sharia concept.

Regarding the transaction, Tamasia provides two options, which are Beli Suka-Suka (Buy As You Like) and Beli Berkala (Buy Periodically). Buy Suka-Suka is like saving, customer can buy gold from the price of Rp 10 thousand. While Beli Berkala has a way like to pay installments which is starting from Rp 1,000 per day with the installment period from 1 to 24 months.

Assad also said that Tamasia also provides a lot of job opportunities by providing a reseller system for those who want to become partners in gold trading. "Resellers will get profitable revenue sharing, we want every cent of our company’s profit to benefit to a lot of people," he said.

Source: Antara

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