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Companies Expected To Consider Environmental Friendly Financing


The Ministry of State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) is hoping to Indonesian company to start a financing schemes that considers environmental friendly principles to sustainably grow. The companies will be “sustainable” if they consider the issue of “green financing” and it has been submitted by the government.




Through the “green financing” schemes which one of the schemes is by released the green bond, the company can target new markets, which are investors who are interested in the issues of climate change. By releasing the green bonds, it is hoped that there will be new sources of funding from investors who are concerned with the environment.




Therefore, the ministry is considering to boost State Owned Enteprise (SOE) to releasethe green bond as an alternative funding, especially for infrastructure projects. Currentlythere are only two Indonesian companies that have expressed their interest to release the green bonds.




State owned of the sector of port and airport developer has the opportunity to release “the green bond” in order to collect the fund. More over, SOE of renewable energy projects also had the potential to release the green bonds. SOE with “green related” projects, such as Airport, Seaport, and renewable energy, those are very “green”.




Most of the “green bond” releasers in the world are the banking sector. The fund that collected through the release of “the green bond” are distributed to companies that have environmental friendly projects.




Source: Antara


Disclaimer: This article is a summary of news articles obtained from a number of mass media. We are not responsible for the accuracy of data or sources of information presented by the mass media that became the reference.



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