The Increase of Foreign Lenders in Indonesian Fintech

The Increase of Foreign Lenders in Indonesian Fintech

Financial technology (Fintech) companies based on peer to peer lending optimistic that interest of lenders or foreign lenders to invest in Indonesian company will continuesly increase. PT Investree Radhika Jaya (Investree), estimates that foreign lenders can raise double in 2018. Co-Founder and CEO of Investree Adrian Gunadi said that Investree currently has lenders aabout 30,000 people.



From those lenders, 20,000 of them are actively transacting. From the active lenders, the number of foreign lenders are less than 5%. “The estimation is doubled in terms of the number of lenders, but the locals will still dominate,” Adrian said last weekend.



Co-Founder and CEO of Modalku Reynold Wijaya said the portion of foreign lenders is still not as big as local investors. From about 50,000 of investors, the number of foreign lenders is only about 10 percent. “There is no target for our foreign lenders, the most important is the balance. We are very happy to attract foreign money to Indonesia,” said Reynold.



Another Fintech P2P Lending, Akseleran will still focus on domestic investors although it still confesses the great interest of foreign lenders. “There are some (of foreign lenders who) quite interested, but because of the tax problem for foreign citizens (foreigners) to calculate, then first, we want to focus on (investor in)Indonesia,” said Christopher Gultom, Director Akseleran. Until the end of May 2018, it has been distributed Rp 53 billion to Rp 54 billion. While the number of members has reached about 15,000 people.



The number of foreign lenders in Crowdo Indonesia actually has the dominant share of 60% of total lenders until the end of the first quarter of 2018. General Manager of Crowdo Indonesia Cally Alexandra said, until March 2018, it has distributed of foreign investors’ fund of Rp 100 billion, with a total project funded more than 3,500 projects.



By the end of 2018, Crowdo estimates the number of foreign lenders will remain dominant. “We see it is still positive in the future, the share of foreign lenders will still be 60 percent,” Cally said. The Interest of Foreign lenders invests in Indonesia because the interest rate of abroad is lower than in Indonesia. Currently, Crowdo Indonesia already has 35,000 members joined. The company estimates the number of members can reach 100,000 people by the end of 2018.



Meanwhile, the target of the financing distribution is Rp 20 billion to Rp 30 billion every month. It increases compared to the previous year. Cally said Crowdo had distributed Rp 10 billion – Rp 15 billion every month last year. “This year we are projecting the total financing will reach Rp 500 billion,” said Cally. However, she did not mention the realization of financing in the last year. However, she believed it can increase higher of the number and target financing compared to last year’s realization.



Source: Antara


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