Kemkominfo Facilitated The Meeting of "Startup" and Foreign Investors

Kemkominfo Facilitated The Meeting of “Startup” and Foreign Investors

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kemkominfo) recently facilitated 70 country’s local companies (startup) to meet with the local Indonesian company and foreign investors in Nusa Dua, Bali to share knowledge in business development to be more developed and growth.



“With the meeting of Next Indonesia Unicorn (Nexticorn) International Summit will attract the foreign investment into Indonesia, so there will be additional working capital to use and provide new vacancies,” said Minister of Communications and Informatics (Kominfo), Rudiantara.



He confirmed that the purpose of the meeting was getting a bigger chance for the new company to be built (startup) and get initial funding from the government so that in the developing process of its business can be assisted again until will be on higher position.



Furthermore he said, it would not only get the capital from foreign investors, but it would also get local investors to support “startup” for developing its business. “Today there are 700 meetings that discussed about the business development between new companies with investors,” he said. With the existence of Unicorn Organization could strengthen thespirit ofIndonesia’s entrepreneur and come to the event that supported by Kominfo to get the material and input from the expert.



“Today there are 94 local entrepreneurs from 70 national companies that will meet with 98 investors from 67 venture capital firms as the point of Indonesia Digital Paradise’s inauguration,” he said. He confirmed that 70 national companies have been selected tightly and validated to meet with foreign investors. “We areso sure that this meeting is not an ordinary meeting because itis between the national companies with investors who have billions of dollars,” he said.



His ministry confirmed that the upcoming meeting between national companies and foreign investors would run as its business needs, because investors had their own decision. “With foreign investors’ high interest who coming today, I am sure the amount of Unicorns in Indonesia that already four, will be more until the end of 2018,” he said.



He said that this condition was what the government wanted, because during the first quarter of 2017, according to Indonesian Bureau of Statistics (BPS) data, Indonesia’s economy had grown faster to attract the investment, both local and international investment.



It meant that foreign investors will invest in Indonesia, then the business would also run so that open more job opportunities. “This is the purpose of the government because there are a lot of benefits from foreign investors,” he said.



Source: Antara


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