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Registering the Commercial and Operational Business Through OSS

How to register the commercial and operational business through OSS (Online Single Submission) system in Indonesia? It is easy if you know the steps.


There has been good news for all the investors both domestic and foreign ones who want to register their business to Indonesia. The Indonesian government, specifically   Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs (Kementerian Koordinator Perekonomian), has regulated an integrated system of business registration with OSS (Online Single Submission).


What distinguishes OSS and PTSP (Pelayanan Terpadu Satu Pintu/One-Stop Integrated Service)? PTSP did not integrate the center and the region. Meanwhile, in OSS, the government claim that there is strong integration between the areas and the center. The regulation regarding OSS system is written at The Government Regulation No. 24 of 2018.


In the article number 39, it is mentioned that OSS published the operation and commercial license based on the commitment to fulfill these following elements: the standard, the certificate, license, the registration of goods/services based on the kind of goods/services commercialized through OSS system.


With the OSS system, you can quickly register your business with your device as well as the internet connection. Moreover, the OSS system is integrated with the SABH system (legal administration system) from the Ministry of Law. Nevertheless, you must understand the right steps on how to register the commercial or operational license for your company with OSS system:



Online Registration

To get into the OSS system, first, you must open After you reach the site, then click on the ‘register’ button. You will be directed to the registration form. Fill all of the company data that you have prepared before, like identity cards, business license of PT (limited liability companies), business categories. Make sure that you don’t fill the wrong data because it will be much more complicated fixing the incorrect data in the future.


Deciding Your Business Status

After you fill the first registration form, then decide whether you want to register yourself as an individual in the OSS system or you want to register a business entity. Why does this thing matter? Because if you’re going to register an individual to OSS system, you can continue to the next step. On the other hand, if you want to register a business entity, you must do the incorporation process first in the Ministry of Law and Human Right.


Completing the Further Form

You will get the username and password right after you fill the first form. Use that username and password to login into the OSS site and to complete the next form and to upload several documents related to your business license. So, before you complete the form, prepare all the documentation related to your business.


Get the Single Business Number

Don’t let yourself into the trouble by filling the wrong data. Check and re-check the data you’ve filled, match it with all of your document and then click OK.


Then, you will get the NIB (Nomor Induk Berusaha/Single Business Number). The Single Business Number is a registration number used as a legal proof that your business has been registered in Indonesia. Besides NIB, you will get the Insurance of Health and Employment (BPJS).


Those are the easy steps to register your business to get the operational and commercial license in Indonesia. The OSS site itself is quite user-friendly so that you won’t feel confused once you fill the data there. If there is any question remains inside your head regarding the OSS registration, you can come to OSS Lounge on the office of Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs or call them for further information.

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