How to Get A Permanent Residence in Indonesia for Foreign Workers

How to Get A Permanent Residence in Indonesia for Foreign Workers

As foreign workers in Indonesia, is it easy to get a permanent residency in Indonesia? Find out here for more detailed information.


As foreign workers in Indonesia, having a staying permit – either short or long term – is critically important. There is no point in getting the job of your dream if you cannot live there at all. Therefore, while dealing with paperwork regarding your work permit, you also need to work on this one too.

Two (2) Types of Residency Permits in Indonesia:

How to get a permanent residence in Indonesia? Based on the residency permits, here are the details:


ITAS (Izin Tinggal Terbatas or Temporary Residency Permit):

Many expat workers commonly take this option. The length of time that you are allowed to stay in Indonesia is long enough: two years. This can be renewed thrice, which will give you a total of six years living here. To acquire ITAS, the process may take up to four months.


ITAP (Izin Tinggal Tetap or Permanent Residency Permit):

To be able to acquire this, you must at least have been an ITAS holder for more than five years consecutively. This permit allows you to stay in Indonesia for five years. This can be renewed five times too, which will give you a total of 25 years of living here. Most expats who hold ITAP are those with Indonesian partners or spouses. They also want to live in Indonesia permanently.


First Things First: VITAS

Unfortunately, you do not just get a residency permit that easily. First things first, you need to get this visa known as Limited Stay Permit or VITAS. It is a single-entry visa, also chosen by many foreign workers in Indonesia. Those who prefer this visa are in for work, investment, research, and other short-term, project-based purposes.

VITAS is renewable every year. However, if you wish to stay longer, then it is best to start applying for ITAS as soon as possible. Once you arrive in this country, you have a week to start doing that.


The VITAS Requirements:

  • A sponsor or company’s letter of recommendation.
  • An application form (to be duplicated) and two passport-sized photographs. The photos should be attached to the forms before they are submitted.
  • An updated CV also completed.
  • A passport with at least one blank page for a visa. Validity is different for each foreign country.
  • The Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration’s authorization
  • Administration fee payment in a money order. The amount of payment varies for different foreign countries.


The ITAS Requirements:

  • A sponsor or company’s letter of recommendation.
  • Expatriate Placement Plan copied twice. This plan should be obtained from the company or ministry for an investor.)
  • A valid passport and its photocopies (for all pages).
  • Administration fee.
  • Certificate of domicile.
  • A VITAS that is valid.
  • An updated CV, also completed.


The VITAS and ITAS Procedures:

  • Get the Directorate General of Immigration’s recommendation.
  • Gather all the required documents and submit them to the Indonesian Embassy.

Since the Indonesian Embassy will need three days to get your application processed, make sure you know their available schedules. As foreign workers in Indonesia, you also need to have a local contact to help you with the recommendation. VITAS is valid if presented after three months of its issuance.


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