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Annual Report on Manpower Utilization (WLK)

PDF In every  business, relationship between Employer/Company and Employees cannot be separated. Employer/Company and Employees  always work together to create smooth production and provide good services to their clients. Therefore, enhancement and equilibrium in Employee-Employer relationship are substantive matter. Beside the good Employee-Employer relationship, the understanding of and compliance to employment regulations are also important…

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Draft Law On Halal Product Guarantee Implements Mandatory Halal Labeling

The House of Representatives passed the Draft Law on Halal Product Guarantee(“Halal Draft Law”) to provide legal certainty toward the Halal condition of a product, which is proven by a Halal Certificate. The Halal Draft Law is relevant to broad business activities, since it involves Halal Product Process that is a series of activities to…

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New Regulation Of Imported Products In Indonesia

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The most recent Indonesian regulation concerning procedure for Importers to acquire Certificate of Label in Bahasa Indonesia (“SKPLBI”) were issued in 25 June 2014 by the Minister of Trade. The new regulation is Minister of Trade Regulation No. 10 Year 2014 (“MOTR 10/2014”), which amends the previous regulation, Minister of Trade Regulation No. 67 Year…

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Master Franchise Agreement Required For STPW

Government amends the Minister of Trade Number 53/M-DAG/PER/8/2012 Year 2012 (Permendag 53/2012) regarding Organizing Franchise Business by enact the Minister of Trade Number 57/M-DAG/PER/8/2014 Year 2012 (Permendag 57/2014). The Amendment has been in force 17 September 2014. The amendment consists of new provision for Franchisor to obtain Certificate of Franchise Registration (“STPW”). It requires Franchisor…

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