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New Regulation Of Imported Products In Indonesia

The most recent Indonesian regulation concerning procedure for Importers to acquire Certificate of Label in Bahasa Indonesia (“SKPLBI”) were issued in 25 June 2014 by the Minister of Trade. The new regulation is Minister of Trade Regulation No. 10 Year 2014 (“MOTR 10/2014”), which amends the previous regulation, Minister of Trade Regulation No. 67 Year 2013 (“MOTR 67/2013”). The new regulation is effective immediately since its issuance for Importers.

The purpose of the regulation is to ensure the Indonesian consumers’ rights of correct and honest information in regards with the conditions and warranties of the products and/or goods that they are going to use, especially Imported Products and Goods, and to provide legal certainty for Importers as the party who plays a part in ensuring that the consumers got those products. By acquiring SKPLBI from the Indonesian Government, Importers has ensured that the labels on their products has fulfilled the requirements as regulated in the governing regulations, and is recognized as part of the Import Documents.

We understand that MOTR 10/2014 requires Importers to affix labels in Bahasa Indonesia on Products and Goods that are produced in other countries (Imported Products and Goods). Further, Importers are also required to acquire Certificate of Label in Bahasa Indonesia or SKPLBI (Surat Keterangan Pencantuman Label dalam Bahasa Indonesia) for the Products and Goods with such labels affixed to them. The two obligations are included as one of the requirements for Import Documents.

The following are the imported products and/or goods that must be affixed with labels in Bahasa Indonesia, which includes:

  1. Electronic Products, including laptops and PCs, cable, wireless and mobile phones, fax machines, photocopy machines, recorders, amplifiers and speakers, microphones, air conditioners, washing machines, ovens, fridges, freezers, rice cookers, microwaves, calculators, cameras, etc.
  2. Building Materials, including steel plates, steel concretes, glass panels, ceramics, cement, pain thinner, etc.
  3. Automobile Parts and Spareparts, including tyres, batteries and accumulators, plugs, mirrors, filters, safety glass, carburator, coils, clutches, brake discs, nuts, rims, pistons, radiators, chains, safety belts, light systems, etc.
  4. Other Products, including clothing products such as finished women’s and men’s apparels, footwear, finished garments, sewing thread, and other types of clothing, accessories, and specifically made garments, etc. Also includes plastic products, fertilizers, ink and paint, etc.

On the other side, there are also imported products and/or goods that are exempted to affix label in Bahasa Indonesia by the MOTR 10/2014. Here are the exemptions, which are Imported Products and/or Goods that are imported for the following purposes:

  1. Raw Materials and/or Supporting Materials to be used in the process of production;
  2. Temporary Import Products and/or Goods;
  3. Re-Imported Products and/or Goods;
  4. Products and/or Goods for the purpose of research and the development of science;
  5. Grants, Gifts and other Donations for the purpose of religious needs, charity, social, culture, education or natural disaster management; and
  6. Sample Products and/or Goods that are not for sale.

However, the Importers are still required to obtain Certificate of Exemption to Label in Bahasa Indonesia or SPKPLBI (Surat Pembebasan Kewajiban Pencantuman Label dalam Bahasa Indonesia) from the Indonesian Government for those exempted products.

Please note that in the event that Importers has not acquired Certificate of Label in Bahasa Indonesia (SKPLBI) when importing, the imported goods and products must be re-exported pursuant to the governing regulations, and all re-exporting costs will be charged to the Importers (Article 13 of MOTR 67/2013).

Applications to obtain SKPLBI and SPKPLBI can be submitted to the Directorate General of Standardization and Consumer Protection of the Ministry of Trade, with attention to the Consumer Empowerment Director (Direktur Pemberdayaan  Konsumen).


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