Annual Report on Manpower Utilization (WLK)


In every  business, relationship between Employer/Company and Employees cannot be separated. Employer/Company and Employees  always work together to create smooth production and provide good services to their clients. Therefore, enhancement and equilibrium in Employee-Employer relationship are substantive matter.

Beside the good Employee-Employer relationship, the understanding of and compliance to employment regulations are also important since Employment regulations in Indonesia are always changing progressively. We understand this changes always be a big challenge for Employer/Company management especially to make sure that they are still on the track to comply with all employment regulations because failing to comply with ongoing regulations in a timely manner will damage their business.

One of the statutory employment document in Indonesia is Manpower Mandatory Report (“WLK”) which is  regulated in Law No.7 of 1981 concerning Manpower Mandatory Report. Through this document, Indonesian government wants to get comprehensive data of utilization and employment arrangement in a company and an overview of those data in companies in Indonesia. Therefore, the WLK requires every Employer/Company to report  employment condition in its head office, branches and in any independent part of the company (if any).

Please be advised that WLK should be submitted to the Manpower Office where the company running its activities within 30 days from the establishment of the company or any significant change (if the company is experiencing discontinuance, resumption, removal or liquidation of an undertaking of the company). After that, the WLK should be filled annually and failure to file will result in the liability of the employer or manager for an imprisonment of up to 3 months or a fine of up to one million rupiah.

In details, the WLK should contain this following matters :

1. Company Profile

In this section the company should complete the information about the name and address of the company and its directors, reasons if there is any change in the company, any obligation which is already done and will be done by the company for its employee subject to manpower law and regulations, employment contract, legal practices, and so on.

2. Employment Relationship

Company should give detail data about the employment relationship between company and all its employee, whether Permanent Employment Contract (“PKWTT”) and  Temporary Employment Contract (“PKWT”).

3. Labor Protection

Labor protection in this matter related to National Social Security Program (“BPJS”) which includes Work Security Program and Health Security Program.

4. Job Employment

In this section, the company should convey their plan about number of employee needed for upcoming 12 months and training facilities that they give to their current employee.

Aside from the WLK that is required by the Manpower Report Law, some provinces in Indonesia also requires additional report related to manpower utilization that is regulated by regional regulations. For instance, Jakarta Province Government through Jakarta Province Regulation No.6 of 2004  has obliged every company to submitted the “Mandatory Report of  Employee Welfare Facilities” (“Welfare Facilities Report”). Based on article 24 Jakarta Province Regulation No.6 of 2004, the company should give some details about the implementation of this following welfare facilities: Family planning services, Children day care and housing, house of worship, exercise facility, Canteen, Health facility, Recreation facility, Rest facility, transportatio, and so on.



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